Friday, 10 July 2015

Hulk attempts to recreate 'Thrift Shop'

Zenit St Petersburg, comic book and Brazil superstar Hulk appears to be trying to recreate the Macklemore Ryan Lewis hit 'Thrift Shop'.

Taken from a 'behind the scenes' photo from the Zenit St Petersburg twitter account, Hulk can be seen sporting an exotic fur coat and matching hat. Reminiscent of Macklemore in the 2013 hit 'Thrift Shop'.

The video doesn't seem to explain as to why Hulk is sporting such an elaborate coat, apart from the fact that it is for a Russian TV advert. It could just be the fact that he is still adapting to the Russian climate in comparison to his former residences in Brazil and Portugal.

Hulk isn't the only one to become a fashionista since moving to Zenit, with new manager Andres Villas Boas also sporting some dapper attire in a bizarre photo-shoot for the club...