Monday, 3 March 2014

Children of Hoffenheim traumatized as mascot loses head

The Bundesliga, the hipsters choice when it comes to football leagues. It has the European Champions, Pep Guardiola, standing terraces, cheap tickets and a wealth of exciting, young, homegrown talent. But it is not a safe place for children...

During Hoffenheim's 6-1 demolition of Wolfsburg last weekend, as they scored to go 4-1 up, the celebrations got a little too out of hand. The Hoffenheim mascot, cleverly name Hoffi, ran over to the players to revel in their success.

But the big moose was a little bit too eager in joining in and managed to tumble over an advertisment whilst racing towards the players. As the mighty moose made impact with the floor, disaster struck, the head of the mascot rolled off, revealing the true identity of Hoffi the moose.

In an instant, thousands of children were mentally scarred. Never again would they look adoringly at Hoffi the moose in the same way again. Some parents tried to shield their children's glaze from the horrific incident. It was too late.

Roberto Firmino was first to the scene to reattach the head of the moose. But the damage had been done. No one would forget what they saw that day. The victory had been tainted.