Friday, 25 October 2013

What's the Arabic for 'the referee's a wanker'?

Saad Al Fadhli has officially won the title of 'world's worst referee'. 

In a Kuwaiti Premier League game, after awarding a penalty kick the referee was given a small shove by an Al Naser player, who clearly didn't agree with the decision. 

Saad Al Fadhli was clearly not happy about being shoved or surrounded by angry Al Naser players. So took matter into his own hands, literally.

After pushing a couple of players away, the referee then hit one player in the face, whilst also brandishing the red card to anyone he could. 

But he wasn't finished. He also kicked another Al Naser player whilst hiding behind an official, and promptly sent them off too. 

Al Arabi eventually took and scored the penalty. The kick off that followed resulted in more chaos as one of the few remaining Al Naser players decided to seek revenge by booting the ball straight at the ref from near point blank range. Unsurprisingly, he was instantly sent off.

The whole calamitous episode can be seen right here