Thursday, 25 June 2015

Club Deportivo Morón and other teams with great names

Instead of your generic Town or City names, possibly with United or Athletic thrown on at the end, some football clubs around the World have some more impressive names...

Club dep moron crest.png
Club Deportivo Morón, Argentina
Admittedly, this is a club based in the City of Morón, Buenos Aires, so this clubs inclusion is more due to Argentina having better city names than those in the UK. Not quite sure how you'd tell people outside of Argentina that you've just signed for a club with the name moron in it though. 

Hallelujah FC, South Korea
Sadly this club was dissolved in 1998 due to a financial crisis in Asia. In 1983 the club won the inaugural Korea Super League and was originally consisted of Christian players and coaches. I imagine the chants at the game would have been magical.

The Strongest, Bolivia 
altThe alpha male of club names. Every week one unfortunate team in Bolivia has to say that they are playing 'The Strongest in the league'. The club is the oldest active football club in Bolivia and the only team to have played continuously in the country's top Division for longer than a century. In 1930 they became the only team ever to win the Bolivian league without conceding a goal, so clearly their defence was the strongest... 

Mysterious Dwarfs, Ghana
Ebusua Dwarfs logo.pngOr their full name: Essienimpong Cape-Coast Mysterious Dwarfs Ebusua Dwarfs, were founded in 1939 and are a current member of the Ghana Premier League. 

Weston Workers Bears FC, Australia
Logo.An Australian semi-professional 'soccer' team. Their club colours are black and white after a geordie called Bill Hindmarsh joined the club in 1909 and was hugely popular. Their logo appears to be two bears fighting. What more do you need?

Club Destroyers, Bolivia
logoAnother aggressive sounding club from Bolivia. A Santa Cruz based club who currently play in a 3rd division regional league. So clearly out of the alpha team names The Strongest are the strongest.

FL Fart, Norway
FL Fart.gifAn unfortunate name, and possibly an even more unfortunate stadium, named Fartbana. Founded in 1917, dissolved in 1926 but then refounded in 1934. Apparently the teams name means "the football team speed". But i'm not convinced.