Thursday, 21 February 2013

Team's participating in Harlem Shake to be deducted points

Governing bodies of all major sports have announced that any teams participating in the Harlem Shake will be deducted points and may face further punishment.

The Harlem Shake is a recent internet sensation, which unfortunately has now been adopted by almost everyone, despite all the videos essentially being the same. All 110,000+ of them..

Manchester City are the latest high profile team to release a video of the team partaking in the Harlem Shake, other teams include the Cardiff Blues and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

 Manchester City training hard to retain the Premier League

The NFL, IRB, ICC, FIFA as well as many other sporting governing bodies held an emergency meeting last night to make sure that these videos stop. 

They came to the conclusion that the only way to stop this 'viral sensation' was to deduct points to teams that participate.  

The news has caused shock waves through the sporting world, but it is unknown if teams that have already done a version of the Harlem Shake will be punished. If that were to happen then Man City's Premier League challenge would surely be over. 

It is rumoured that in the next few days the papers will be signed and filtered down to all levels of sports, even University sports teams.Meaning that teams can get back to practising their respective sports in training. Instead of dressing up and dancing like jerks.