Friday, 15 February 2013

'Russian Meteorite' Actually A Football Struck By Hulk

Scientists across the globe have been embarrassed as a football that was hit by Zenit St Petersburg superstar Hulk was mistaken for a meteorite.

Newsrooms everywhere have been showing footage and discussing the chaos caused by the thought to be meteorite. 

It was recently revealed by a Zenit spokesman that the 'meteorite'  was actually a football from a training session that had been hit by the powerhouse Hulk.

Hulk had scored a scorcher against Liverpool the night before and was reportedly trying to recreate the goal in training when he blasted the ball not only out of the stadium, but also out of the Earth's orbit.
When the ball did eventually return to Earth, it triggered absolute bedlam in Chelyabinsk, injuring over 500 people and resulting in collateral damage to buildings.

Hulk has recently released a statement saying that he is 'sorry' about the incident and that he 'doesn't know his own strength sometimes'.

Of course you don't...