Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Beckham Joins Arsenal To Teach Walcott How To Cross

Arsenal have flown in David Beckham in a desperate attempt to teach Theo Walcott how to cross.

David Beckham has been training with the Arsenal squad posing for photos and to keep up his fitness levels for the demanding role as Armani underwear model.

It is believed that the real reason behind Arsene Wenger inviting Beckham to their training complex is to finally teach Theo Walcott how to cross, after seven years at the North London club. 

It appears that Wenger recently tricked Walcott into signing a new contract by saying that he can play as a central striker, when he has no intention of ever playing him as a center forward again. 

Since joining Arsenal Walcott has improved many aspects of his game, however some experts suggest that his crossing has actually declined. 

‘Golden Balls’ will work with Walcott over the next few weeks to help his crossing and free kick abilities. With Wenger hoping it will help unlock Giroud's most powerful weapon. His forehead.  

If the one on one training pays off Wenger predicts Arsenal will clinch an incredible league and Champions League double. With Walcott bending in free kicks from all angles and Giroud scoring headers left right and centre. Arguably making David Beckham popping in to train the signing of the season. 

If, as expected, it doesn't come to anything then Arsenal will continue to rely on his pace and occasional exquisite finish.

Good luck David, good luck.