Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Football On Ice

Football, 'The Beautiful Game' as some call it. What a truly magnificent sport. People all over the globe watch, play and breathe football. An almost perfect game I thought... until now.

How can you improve football you may ask. Goal line technology? Stamp out diving and imaginary card waving? Perhaps a salary cap on players? Or perhaps we should finally kick out racism once and for all?

No. No. No. The real answer, according to some Germans, was to play football... on ice.

This German mini-tournament seems surprisingly successful given the crowd of 18,000 odd in the video at the Lanxess Arena and has revolutioniced the way I see football...

It's a five-a-side tournament with former players of clubs turning out for this footballing showcase. The pace is considerably slower than normal football, but the slipping and falling over is reminiscent of the likes Drogba, Busquets and Bale. The ice can also lead to some potential career ending slide tackles as seen at the 1:30 mark.

Sorry in advance...

The key tactics for this game appear to be to keep your cool in front of goal and when defending, try to keep the player in possession ice-olated. Although banter is encouraged, sledging is frowned upon.

All I know is that I need to play this game and that it should definitely be in the Winter Olympics.