Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Alan Hansen's two cents... Worth £1.5m

It is no secret that footballers can be big, big earners. The recent stories of Tevez being fined a month's wages, equal to £1m, for his touch side strop again Bayern Munich highlights that fact.

But somehow we all seem to accept that top footballers are going to earn top wages. Weather it's deserved or not is another story, one which I'm not going to get involved in right now.

My big concern came earlier in the week when I read that Alan Hansen, Match of the Day and Liverpool legend, earns a reported £40,000 a week...

That is correct, £40,000 for one show a week. With the average show being around 90 minutes that is an astonishing £444 a minute, the majority of which are him watching football.

What makes it even more painful is that he bangs on about the same subjects every week; defensive organisation and clean sheets. This week after Chelsea's London derby thriller with Arsenal, he had one sentence on how the game was exciting, then moaned for the rest of the analysis about the defending. Yes, some was poor, but if I was being paid £40,000 a week I think I'd be a bit more positive about it all.

The analysis is hardly ground breaking either, coloured squares of where there are gaps between midfield and defence and debating the benefits of zonal marking compared to man marking for corners isn't new. If my money from TV licenses is going to pay Alan and the gang silly money then I at least expect them to be making interesting and original analysis.

This is not a complaint about MOTD, it's classic Saturday night TV. Made even better now that it is graced by my beloved Swansea City. But how Alan Hansen's wages can be justified is mindboggling.

How much Garth Crooks earns a week isn't even worth thinking about. I'm still shocked people pay him anything at all...