Friday, 8 April 2011

Penalty Tekkers!

Penalties, the ultimate footballing one on one. Penalty taker Vs goalkeeper, no one else. They can change a game, they can cause heartbreak and they can be beautiful.

I've 'scoured' the internet to find the best, most outrageous and sometimes unimaginable penalty kicks.

This all started last year after after a young Spanish lad by the name of Ezequiel Calvente took the headlines in the Euro U21 tournament last summer with this mind boggling penalty kick, similar to one of Henry's favourite tricks.

A similarly innovative penalty kick can be seen by the Roma legend Francesco Totti, although this one is only in training, I doubt anyone has the balls to attempt this in a game.

Now if you thought that those penalty kicks were showboating, then prepare yourself for Joonas Jokinen of FC Baar as he takes it to another level. It's probably best described as a 'parkour' penalty kick. Enjoy.

But not all great penalties have to involve back heels or backflips, just ask Johan Cruyff, who was the mastermind of this somewhat overcomplicated penalty, which doesn't always go to plan... as Pires and Henry found out.

I haven't included any chipped penalties as they are far from rare, and we have all seen them. However I am fond of a penalty which is given a good thump, and Xabi Alonso manages to do one with great accuracy as well. Nobody is saving that. Take a bow.

That is the selection of penalties that I found whilst on my not so detailed search for the Worlds best penalty. Feel free to post any that you've been amazed by.

Now everybody go outside and start practising your backflips, fake shots and backheels. Go on.