Monday, 4 April 2011


Upon hearing that Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney will receive a two match ban for his potty mouthing on television against West Ham, I think it is now fair to brand the FA a joke.

How do they justify a ban for swearing, when they did nothing when the exact same player elbowed James McCarthy?

Both could be 'heat of the moment' and both are acts of stupidity. But the fact that the act where someone is physically hurt goes unpunished is ridiculous. Have the FA never heard the saying 'Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me'?

I personally don't see the huge uproar over the incident, yes Wayne Rooney is an idiot for doing so, good at football but an idiot, but we all know that. Just look at the incident at the World Cup where he again spoke into a camera about the England fans booing in the clash with Algeria.

As much as it shouldn't be, swearing is in nearly all parts of football, weather it be at grass roots level, in the stands or on the pitch. The number of times on TV you see either fans swearing or lip read players is huge.

I just can't understand how the FA can give him a suspension for swearing, and do nothing when he attacks another player, off the ball.

It may be a petty attack on Sir Alex Ferguson who recently attacked the FA's new Respect campaign. If this is the case, the FA need to make sure personal vendettas do not influence decision making.