Sunday, 13 February 2011

Reckless Rooney

Whiles everyone else on the planet is covering Wayne Rooney in superlatives after his goal in the Manchester derby, I find myself disgusted.

Disgusted at Rooney. Disgusted at the officials. Disgusted at the state of the game.

When I sat down and watched Match of the Day on Saturday night with Lineker and the gang, like everyone else I was on my feet when I saw England's star striker score an overhead kick.

Unlike everyone else, I was bellowing "Foot up! Foot up!" and awaited the referee to award Manchester City the free kick they so rightly deserved. But it never came.

I winced Rooney took the leap to attempt such a barbaric move. I feared that he would end Kompany or Richard's career with one reckless kick to the head.

Rooney showed no concern for the potential well being of his fellow professionals and fellow Mancunians (they're all from Manchester, right??).

How long will these chaotic moves be allowed in the modern game, how many players have to die before Sepp Blatter takes this issue seriously?

There were no surprises when neither the referee or his officials called for high foot, after all, it was United at Old Trafford. Rooney could have murdered someone and got away with it.

If only Sian Massey had been an official at the game, she's probably the only one with the balls to make the right call.

I hope Rooney managed to sleep after putting the lives of the Man City defence in danger, anything could have happened. A stud in the eye, a boot to the cranium or even an outbreak of foot and mouth.

The harsh truth is until Wayne manages to control these outbreaks on the pitch, he will never make it as a top striker in Europe.