Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What's The Point?

After hearing that Sepp Blatter, the footballing genius, was talking about altering the points system in the 2014 Brazil World Cup, I thought of some changes of my own...

It was not clear what changes Blatter was thinking of, if often isn't clear what he is thinking, but he mentioned the three points for winning and one for a draw being 'discussed'. 

Changing those, seems ridicules. The three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss are the fundamentals of modern day football, carried out across all leagues all over the World, to change them for a World Cup seems fascicle. 

It's said that he wants to change the points system so that the next World cup has more quality and competitiveness. I fail to see how giving more or less points for a win will accomplish this.

I'm not sure how the World Cup is going to be more competitive until the qualification is different, until then teams such as New Zealand and North Korea will continue to qualify, when teams such as Russia and Ecuador, do not. 

But by altering the points system, you can try and make the World Cup more exciting; by rewarding teams who attack and score goals. I see two possible options for this, both of which... wait for it... take a leaf out of Rugby Unions book...

To make teams attack more, reward them for scoring more goals. Simples. This is the general idea for both possibilities I have conjured up. 

Either, have an extra 'bonus point', when a team scores 3 or more goals in a game, hopefully meaning teams won't sit back when 1-0, or 2-0 up. Also, losing teams in 4-3 games will be rewarded in their losing efforts.

As goals are the main attraction of any football match, basically being what you watch it for, this would encourage more goals. 

Also as teams may push for a 3rd goal to gain an extra point, it would leave them vulnerable at the back to concede. Leaving every viewer on the edge of their seat, gasping in excitement with every pass, tackle and shot.

However, when a team is 3-0 up, the same scenario with 1-0 score lines may be repeated, but at least you've seen more goals.

My second scenario, is very similar, but rewards teams for dominance of goals, with teams winning by a 3 or more goal margin getting an extra 'bonus point'. This would reward the team who are truly dominant and ruthless to their opposition, and encourage teams to attack, but making sure they are also solid in defence. 

Obviously it would be one of the two ideas, not both, that would be madness and more points than any statistician cold handle. 

So whichever of the two ideas above is most popular, i'll type up properly and send to Mr Blatter himself, and hopefully in the 2014 World Cup the 'Knoyle Bonus Point' will be in place...