Sunday, 9 January 2011

My New Favourite Sport

Imagine a combination of volleyball, football and... The Matrix, that is what Sepak Takraw is like.

A sport invented in Thailand and popular in South Asia is an almost ridiculous sport where teams of three appear to play volleyball, using only their feet and doing some of the most outrageous overhead kicks you have ever seen.

To get a better idea of the sport, watch this handy video, you'll be glad you did:

Apart from the amazing gymnastic ability of some of the players, there seems to be something pleasantly simple about this game. Reminiscent of playing football on a tennis court, but with added awesomeness.  

Nguyen Thi Buch Thuy, appears to be one of the best players in the world at Sepak Takraw, but he also appear to have a bit of a bad edge. Seeing clips of him makes your jaw drop as he does unbelievable back-flip volleys in such a nonchalant manner. 

Obviously most of us will never be able to play this game without hospitalising ourselves, but now I think one of my 'things to do before I die' is to see a match of Sepak Takraw.

I tried to conjure up an England team for this sport, and apart from Peter Crouch and his awkward yet highly impressive volleys I just couldn't imagine it.

Unfortunately the London 2012 Olympics somehow managed to miss this sport, yet chose to include Equestrian Dressage instead...

No doubt one day this sport will spread across the globe and Brazil will become World Champions, but until they do, South East Asia will be the Capital of Sepak Takraw, the most awesome sport in the world.