Monday, 20 December 2010

That's Snow Way To Act!

Don't worry, it is not just in Britain where snow is causing games to be disrupted, Belgium are also having some difficulties...

In the game between Club Brugge and Anderlecht, the Anderlecht players received a frosty reception from the Brugge fans as they pelted snowballs at them.

After just seven minutes play was suspended by the referee and the players took cover in the dressing rooms. Fortunately the situation didn't snowball out of control and the game later resumed.

Sadly the Brugge fans were more organised than their team, with its flaky defence conceding two goals, leaving the home fans to grit their teeth as Anderlecht celebrated going top of the table.

However the celebrations looked as if they were going to be put on ice as a Brugge steward pushed Anderlecht goalscorer Boussoufa after he threw a snowball of his own into the jubilant away fans in celebration.