Saturday, 23 October 2010

One Golfer One Cup

The other day Ian Poulter sat down with his children to have some breakfast. A pretty normal start to the day you would imagine... only they were eating out of the Ryder Cup.

Poulter posted the video on twitter, along with several very proud photo's with himself and the famous golfing trophy.

When the video of the Ryder Cup winner and his children eating Cheerios from the golden cup went up on the internet it caused a bit of a stir. People claimed it was unprofessional and disrespectful to the history of the tournament. I fail to see how.

It is a common theme across nearly all sports for the winner of a trophy or cup to celebrate by drinking Champagne or other beverages from it. Stuart Cink admitted drinking Guinness from the Claret Jug, and allowing his children to sip coke from it too. 

What difference does a splash of milk and some whole grain oat cereal with honey and nuts make? It could be seen as setting a good example, on both a healthy lifestyle and how to raise children.

In comparison to the recent stories including Premier League footballers with too much money and promiscuous women with 'special' services, this breakfast is tame. Borderline dull.

It is evident that Poulter has a great respect for the trophy and the Ryder Cup competition, he has tweeted about it and you can tell he takes it seriously. It is going to be one of the greatest highlights of his career. He is far from the 'Poultergeist' that some people have made him appear from the incident. 

There you go, rant over... Cheerio...