Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Nothing Wrong With Bellamy's Decision To Head Home To Bluebirds Nest

As the news broke that Manchester City's Craig Bellamy was to join his home town Cardiff City on a season long loan, many people started to question his decision.

Bellamy was reported to be attracting interest from Tottenham, Fulham, Everton and Celtic. This interest made many people wonder why he would decide to drop down a division to play for financially weak Cardiff City instead.

Football player Craig Bellamy in action for WalesImage via Wikipedia
When you look at Bellamy's impressive performances under current Fulham manager Mark Hughes, it seemed to make perfect sense for Bellamy to join the London club. Even Bellamy himself said in a recent interview that he believes when under Hughes' management he becomes one of the best players in the Premier League.

Manchester City seemed unwilling to let Bellamy join Tottenham, one of their biggest rivals for a Champions League place this season. Whilst some see it as bad sportsmanship by City, it is easy to see why and I'm sure Tottenham would do the same if in a similar position.

Bellamy's reasons for joining Cardiff are simple and understandable, to go back 'home' to the City he lived in as a child and to be nearer to his family.

So often football players are seen on TV or in the news and people forget that they are also normal human beings. No one can argue against his reasons, as his family are far more important than anything he can achieve in football.

In any other profession, being as close to home and your family as possible would be seen as the most sensible option. So I don't see why Bellamy's decision has been met with such shock from some people.

His decisions shows a human side that is based on family and emotion instead of money and personal gain. Which is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the modern day transfers and demands.

It will be intriguing to see what happens after the season long loan is completed, if Bellamy achieves his aim of getting Cardiff promoted, then I imagine a simple transfer will occur between Cardiff and Manchester City. However, if Cardiff fail to gain promotion and continue to have financial restraints then it will be interesting to see if he can continue to play for his home town club.

If Bellamy is successful with his time at Cardiff then it would be great if more players went back to their home clubs. This would give many smaller clubs a boost if the likes of Paul Scholes was to finish his career at Oldham for example.

Like me, I'm sure all Swansea fans and Championship defenders are now very concerned with the amount of goalscorers in the Cardiff team, who will no doubt be right at the top of the league competing for automatic promotion with the class of Bellamy and the buzz around the city that the transfer coup has brought.