Sunday, 13 June 2010

Let South Africa Blow Their Own Trumpet

This is my first blog on the 2010 World Cup, and I have decided not to discuss the England game as far too much has been made of the game and Rob Green's error. It was only England's first game, and as disappointed as I was there is still lots of football to be played and lots of vuvuzela's to be heard...

There have been many comments and complaints about the South African blowing horn, but I think they are great.

They add a real carnival atmosphere to the games and give the tournament a unique feeling. The fans seem to enjoy using them and so they should.

Several people have said that they shouldn't be used or that they should be banned, but they are all part of the package of having the tournament in South Africa, the first ever in Africa. People demanding they be banned gives a Eurocentric view that the South Africans don't know how to watch or celebrate football, which is ridiculous.

There seems to be an air of colonial attitudes around the subject of vuvuzela's, the majority who seem to be complaining are European, and those in favour are the African population.

I just think that all the players, fans, and reporters, as guests in South Africa, should let them use the vuvuzela's as much as they like and let them enjoy the football. Fifa chose to have the World Cup in South Africa, and with that should accept the footballing traditions that comes with it.

There is a South American equivalent called a corneta and they could well be used in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I just hope there isn't as big a fuss then.