Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Good Games Come To Those Who Wait

The 2010 World cup has not had the best starting round of group games, with the likes of England, Italy and Brazil all failing to live up to expectations.

With six draws in the first round of matches it means that the majority of the groups are wide open, with the result being that unlike many past tournaments, nearly all teams will have something to play for in the final group games.

So often in tournaments by the third and final group game teams have already booked their tickets into the next round or already know that they will be going home, making the final games a pointless formality with teams playing a '2nd choice' starting eleven.

But with the exciting prospect of most teams not knowing their own fate, the final group games may well make up for the lack of excitement and goals in the first round.

The big guns of the tournament will have to step up their game to make sure the victories that are expected of them happen.

On the other side of the coin, the unfavoured nations will be boosted by the knowledge that they can progress to the knock-out rounds and will be determined to cause a major upset.

It will also be a case of which teams handle the pressure the best, will any teams shy away when it counts and who will step up to the plate and deliver what their fans expect?

After the group stages, the excitement writes itself, the best teams going head to head knowing that only one will go through, the other will go home. One piece of magic or one error is all it could come down to.

The disappointment from the opening games is understandable, but also predictable. No one wants to lose the first game, making the rest of the group an uphill struggle and no one wants their tournament to be over before it has really begun.

But expect the tournament to become more exciting as influences such as expectation, belief and pressure all take their toll.